Your health and safety are important to us. At the Abel Club, Corp., our philosophy is about exercise anywhere, any time, and if approached mindfully, this philosophy put into practice is fun and beneficial.

Be aware that all physical activity, including exercise, carries the inherent risk of serious injury or death.

Before undertaking any exercise regimen, please consult with a qualified health or medical professional, in-person, who can assess your capacity for physical activity and follow their advice.

When performing any physical activity, especially exercise, use your common sense and always be mindful of your body and surroundings. While we endeavor to provide instructions on safely performing exercises, you are ultimately responsible for your health and safety. In undertaking any exercise you assume all risks.

Before starting any particular exercise, check your equipment to make sure it is safely set up and does not exhibit any signs of damage or degradation that would make it dangerous or unfit for use. Check your surroundings to make sure they provide adequate room for the exercises and are clear of hazards such as slippery floors or other tripping hazards, or objects or fixtures that could break or move and cause injury.

Exercise can be and generally is intentionally strenuous. It is not unusual to feel discomfort as you challenge yourself to achieve greater fitness. However, proceed from minimal to higher levels of exertion cautiously. Take the time to learn exercises at a moderately challenging level and become familiar with how your body feels while doing them before taking on more challenging levels. If at any time you feel pain in your body or feel faint or dizzy, STOP IMMEDIATELY AND CONSULT A PHYSICIAN.

The instructions provided by The Abel Club, Corp., on our website, in our videos, or through any other means such as email, social networking, telephone, mail, or in person, are general and for informational purposes only. The instructions provided are not personal prescriptions and are not a substitute for prescriptions or advice based on personal consultation and assessment by a qualified health or medical professional.

It is important that you follow these basic instructions. If you have any questions or doubts about your health and safety, seek out and talk to a qualified health or medical professional.

Most importantly – fitness is fun. Have fun.



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